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Risk Assessment Matrix - Looking for an automated MS Excel Risk Matrix?

An unique 2-clicks Risk Assessment Matrices MS Excel application with built-in Risk Register. Easiest Risk Matrix - fully automated! You can register a free account and have instant access to download - not ONE but FOUR PRO-RISK™ Complimentary Documents! Should you require a specific company policy or procedure or checklist or legal appointment letters, etc. contact us for a quotation. Work SMARTER not HARDER!

NO programming skills required! All source codes are built-into the software program. EASY to program by any novice person. All MS Word & MS Excel documents can be fully 'read-only' protected (no copy/paste or R-click possible), including the complete removal of the Toolbar function - with built-in Search function.

Full Document Management & Control / Fully editable software to completely protect Company Policies & Procedures.

PRO-RISK™ Vision

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Our vision is to is be a competitive and trustworthy provider of professionally designed MS Office health and safety documentation and applications - meant to achieve legislative compliance and to impress as real time-savers!

Be fully compliant

Our functional appointment letters are purposeful, relevant, and supportive to ensure full compliance. It defines the actual duties and responsibilities for day-to-day operation.

Functional Appointment Letters

Professionally written functional appointment letters to ensure there could be no misunderstanding whatsoever of what the incumbents' health and safety duties entail.

Colourful illustrative graphs

Executive Boardroom quality descriptive graphs are created on-the-spot. Ready to print and impress your boss!

MS Excel Risk Ranking Matrices

With our unique "2 Clicks Only" Risk Assessment Matrix, you will effortlessly and effectively assess all your workplace risks to become compliant.

Fully automated MS Excel Reports

Conducting monthly workplace compliance inspections or producing incident causal factors' reports?

MS Excel fully automated applications

Very user-friendly and easy-to-use MS Excel applications.

Why we are different ?

Our Company History
PRO-RISK™ is focused on providing unique health and safety templates and applications, written and developed by an experienced occupational health and safety consultant with some 30 years of solid working experience within various manufacturing industries. Thereafter, as an independent risk consultant since 1997, specializing in providing easy-to-implement and user-friendly health and safety MS Excel automated applications, as well as easy editable customized MS Word documentation.
Our Success Mission
Work SMARTER - Not harder! PRO-RISK™ provides innovative MS Excel applications, featuring new methods, advanced and original, creative. Our main objective is to improve the health and safety incumbent’s productivity; thus, to work smarter and faster!
Our Future Plan
PRO-RISK™ will continue to, through its unique combination of expertise built into our MS Excel applications and MS Word templates, take out the hard work of trying to compile applications yourself; thus, saving you a lot of hours and frustration in trying to learn, understand and correctly applying VBA and formulas

PRO-RISK™ Services

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PRO-RISK’s™ core service activities cover the occupational health and safety sector internationally as it is built on the sound, common foundation of globally recognized health and safety standards, objectives and requirements.


The user-friendly built-in functionalities of our MS Excel applications represent a most important criteria when considering our products.


PRO-RISK™ MS Excel applications consist of user-friendly one and two-click actions - we endevour to live up to our motto - work smarter, not harder!


Professionally designed, full-colour graphical displays are immediately at hand as printouts or for presentation purposes!


PRO-RISK™ MS Excel applications instantly produce executive boardroom quality descriptive / informative graphs.


The health and safety novice officer through to senior management will all benefit from utilizing our innovative and productive applications.


PRO-RISK™ MS Excel applications consist of innovative and creative automated functionalities meant to increase your output and to decrease your workload.


PRO-RISK™ can provide professionally drafted & fully editable health & safety documentation in MS Word format to facilitate your requirements.


PRO-RISK™ can customize our MS Excel applications to suit your particular needs and specifications. Email


The most comprehensive and detailed written legal and functional health and safety appointment letters - ensure full compliance!


Professionally drafted MS Word health and safety legal and functional appointments – completely editable.


Our MS Excel applications are so easy to use. No complex formulas or VBA coding needed with our built-in functionalities!


Unlock your true potential by working smarter and faster. See how you can use PRO-RISK™ templates and applications to present professionally drafted printouts!

PRO-RISK™ Core Values

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PRO-RISK's™ core values • We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning. • We grow through creativity, invention and innovation.

PRO-RISK™ Founding Members

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Founder and independent consultant BJ Hefer is actively involved in the day-to-day operations, achieving specific functional and organizational goals in pursuit of future growth to the mutual benefit of all involved.

BJ Hefer

Independent risk, security, occupational health and safety, as well as food safety consultant.

EM Hefer


Why Register?

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Why not consider our Free Registration and - as a token of our appreciation - have access to instantly download four Pro-Risk™ complimentary documents - a $29.99 value package.

Pro-Risk™ is providing professionally compiled occupational health and safety MS Word templates and MS Excel applications on a cost-effective basis to safety incumbents.

From a sales point of view it simply makes business-sense to ‘know’ your customers as it adds value to your sales strategy and value proposition and can significantly impact new and improved innovations – producing advantages to customers which in turn will impact customers’ key motivational drivers, and not merely meet purchasing specs.

The login process is safe and secured, smooth, easy and quick.

As a registered member, you will have access to your own profile pages from where you may change your password, etc.

As a Thank You token of appreciation, you will find a Download Page Area within your profile where you have instant access to – not one – but four Pro-Risk™ Complimentary Documents – which you may edit and use as seen fit!

MS Excel Year and Month Scheduler
Auto colour-code your monthly meetings and print hard copy.
Incident Investigation
Condensed Guide for Incident Investigations with Causal Factors and Corrective Actions
Defensive Driving Pamphlet
Informative Pamphlet as Handouts to Company Drivers
Emergency Planning - Fire Orders
Handy 1-Page Fire Instructions for Notice Boards